SpaceSwap Introduction

SpaceSwap is a unique aggregator that aims to unite the most popular DeFi protocols in a one-stop station.

Starting out as a classic, Ethereum-based, yield-farming service in September 2020, the platform raised itself to a whole new level when it invented Shadow Staking/Farming technology - a revolutionary solution that enables users to stake LP tokens without ever removing them from their wallets, using a one time contract interaction. Safe, fast, cheap.

‌This is the basic SpaceSwap farming product that earns you MILK2 rewards for farming LP tokens. It was launched together with Shadow Farming and is based on ultimate safety and low fees. Interstellar is a multi-chain product that is available on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Galaxy is a voting system that was implemented in the SpaceSwap ecosystem with the major aim being to add new partnership farming pools. The project team states that it’s always up to the users to decide which pools they’d like to see.

This helps to raise the level of transparency in the platform and encourages new promising projects to put their pools to the vote.

This is the place where you can exchange your MILK2 for the SHAKE super coin. It’s a very limited coin and it is growing significantly, strengthening its position both in terms of price and market demand.

Our products are community driven. The governance system allows users to vote on changes within the SpaceSwap platform.‌

Index Token Platform

The Index Token Platform allows users to earn profits by tracking the latest changes in the market. ‌

Each of these products serve a different purpose in the ecosystem.

The SpaceSwap ecosystem will have new products constantly added and the book will be updated accordingly.

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