SpaceSwap Introduction

In this book you can find all the information about the project.

SpaceSwap is a Full-Stack DeFi Protocol currently on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

SpaceSwap is a handy service for liquidity pool providers.

It is a unique aggregator that aims to unite all the major DeFi protocols in a one-stop station.

The project attracted a lot of attention from the very start, thanks to its outstanding features and the promise it offers.

Firstly, it changes the principles of Yield Farming as they stand.

The SpaceSwap DeFi protocol was officially released on 10th of September. SpaceSwap is a real community run project that is governed by the vote of the community. There are a few core products in SpaceSwap's ecosystem:

This is the main SpaceSwap product that was launched with MILKy planets.

Galaxy is a voting system that was implemented in the SpaceSwap ecosystem. The project team states that it’s always up to the users to decide which pools they’d like to see.

This will help to raise the level of transparency within the platform and encourage new promising projects to put their pools to the vote.

This is a place where you can exchange your MILK2 for the SHAKE super coin. It’s very limited and is growing significantly.

Gravity is a platform that has been created for Yield Farming. It was designed with the intention of bringing stablecoin prices closer to their peg.

The farming scheme lies in the fact that below-peg stablecoin pools are more rewarding than above-peg ones. This motivates people to sell their above-peg stablecoins and buy below-peg ones.

All our products are community driven. The governance allows users to vote on all the changes within the SpaceSwap platform.

Shadow Staking

This is a revolutionary way to stake LP tokens.

Shadow Staking has the following advantages:

  • Ultimate safety. Users don’t have to move their tokens from a MetaMask wallet, so their savings cannot be stolen, even if the SpaceSwap platform gets hacked.

  • No extra Gas fees to be paid. Users don’t need to remove their liquidity from Uniswap pools and move them to SpaceSwap, which means no extra steps or commissions involved. That saves users Ether.

  • It’s fast. The process of Shadow Staking in SpaceSwap takes a couple of minutes. When a user connects their browser wallet and confirms the farming, all pools are connected automatically.

Index Token Platform

The Index Token Platform allows users to earn profits by tracking the latest changes in the market.

Each of these products serve a different purpose within the ecosystem.

The SpaceSwap ecosystem will constantly have new products added and the book will be updated accordingly.