NFT Heroes Farming

NFT Heroes Farming is classical farming based on SpaceSwap NFT cards. The farming is time-limited and provides bigger profits than other kinds of farming. ‌There are different farming conditions associated with each NFT card issued.

This year, the SpaceSwap team issued several series of NFT cards.

  1. With the Super NFT Token ‘Celestial Partnership’, users have the opportunity to farm extra MILK2. To get the Super NFT Token ‘Celestial Partnership’, you needed to collect 10 different cards from the partnership NFT collection (Crafty Things, Space Goods, Blockchain Ice, Immortal Spirit, Magic Moment, The Empyrean, Bitslayer, Spacecream, On the way and Long-tailed).

  2. The SpaceSwap team has also created partnership NFTs under the aegis of their supporting projects, including SnowSwap, CREAM Finance, Meter and MITH Cash. These ‘on point’ partnerships are the first step in developing long-lasting relationships with many promising projects in the DeFi sphere.

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