Buying MILK2 and SHAKE tokens on Uniswap and PancakeSwap: A Guide
How to purchase MILK2 and SHAKE on Uniswap
Find the current fees here —> (Swap).
Current address for ERC-20 MILK2: 0x80c8C3dCfB854f9542567c8Dac3f44D709eBc1de Current address for ERC-20 SHAKE: 0x6006FC2a849fEdABa8330ce36F5133DE01F96189
Note: the active swap pools for MILK2 and SHAKE are located on Uniswap v2. Find the direct links to our pools on Uniswap v2 below:
You can also use our page, here: Click on the ‘Trade’ button and you will be redirected to the right pool.
To buy tokens:
  1. 1.
    Enter the amount you wish to purchase or how much you would like to pay. The exchange will calculate the rest automatically.
  2. 2.
    If this is your first time dealing with MILK2 and SHAKE tokens, you will need to click/push the ‘Approve’ button. You only need to do this once for each token — next time you buy or sell tokens, it will not be necessary. Like any other transaction on the network, this one charges a Gas fee. You will not need to approve the Ethereum.
  3. 3.
    Click on the ‘Swap’ button and confirm it in your wallet.
How to purchase MILK2 and SHAKE on PancakeSwap
Current address for BEP-20 MILK2: 0x4a5a34212404f30c5ab7eb61b078fa4a55adc5a5 Current address for BEP-20 SHAKE: 0xba8a6ef5f15ed18e7184f44a775060a6bf91d8d0
Note: the current MILK2 and SHAKE token pools are located on PancakeSwap v2.
Follow the link below with the default BNB token set and insert the address of the contract in the empty field:
PancakeSwap pools:
Current address for BEP-20 NFTS: 0x08037036451c768465369431da5c671ad9b37dbc