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MILK2 and SHAKE are the two native and interrelated SpaceSwap tokens.

  • MilkyWay Coin (MILK2)

  • MilkShake Coin (SHAKE)

  • MILK2 (BSC)


Consequently, 65.2m MILK2 is issued and divided into the different segments indicated in the table below.

The number of SHAKE was lowered from 10,000 to 5,000. Thus, the Shaker can be launched with a conversion rate of 1 SHAKE = 7,500 MILK2, after which the price of minting 1 SHAKE rises by 1 MILK2.

Such tokenomics allows the system to mint all SHAKE tokens over time and divide MILK2 to fix their emission. This will provide certain motivation for investing in our project, by incentivizing investors with an easy entry on account of the MILK2 and SHAKE emission being fixed.

Currently, you can buy MILK2 from:




  • PancakeSwap

  • Mooniswap

  • BTCNEXT exchange (the first centralized exchange to list MILK2)

  • BitForex

  • 1inch

Currently, you can buy SHAKE from:




  • PancakeSwap

  • ​Mooniswap (

  • BTCNEXT exchange (the first centralized exchange to list SHAKE)

  • BitForex

  • BitMart

  • 1inch