Benefits for MILK2 and SHAKE holders

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Hold to rule the world! Benefits for MILK2 and SHAKE holders

As both our coins keep making major news headlines in the DeFi world, more and more questions are being asked about MILK2 and SHAKE.

We decided to explain the importance of holding and what benefits this brings:

Why is it important to hold?

  1. Demand for the coin will lead to its rise in value.

  2. It mitigates the risk of dumping as a result of optimization for short-term gain.

  3. When locked up or just held, the coin becomes much more stable and profitable.

Users who hold MILK2 tokens will be able to:

  • Vote in governance polls and decide on new features

  • Create governance proposals

  • Invest in new DeFi projects via SpaceSwap Starter (DEX pools for crowd-funding)

  • Participate in NFT collection campaigns

  • Play an important role in Shadow Synthetic Assets

  • Have access to a SpaceSwap multiplication platform

Users who hold SHAKE tokens will be able to:

  • Receive 1% of all mined MILK2 tokens every 100,000 Ethereum blocks or 466,000 BSC blocks

  • Receive bigger allocations in new DeFi projects via SpaceSwap Starter

  • Receive profit from a surplus of MILK2 fees from the BSC <-> Ethereum conversion bridge. 5 MILK2 tokens from each transaction will be added to the reward pool. Users should hold SHAKE min 100,000 Ethereum blocks to get a reward.

  • Receive partial profits of 7% from all sales of NFT collection cards


But these are just some of the benefits youโ€™ll get! Keep up with the news to learn more about the new bonuses youโ€™ll receive as a true holder.

Weโ€™re deeply aware that by holding coins, our users are showing their full trust and support in the project as well as foresight regarding its future. We thank you for the important role you have played, along with our team, to help make SpaceSwap great!