Governance is where all the voting takes place.

To make decisions, we use the well-established Snapshot service.

Each active user is able to vote on and create their own voting proposals with the help of the project’s governance token, the MILK2.

The system requests the signature of your wallet and counts the amount of governance tokens via the snapshot taken with each voting round. The amount of MILK2 at the moment of the snapshot determines the power of your voice.

If your voice is not counted, perhaps there was no MILK2 in your wallet when the snapshot was taken.

Here’s how Snapshot treats this:

‘To be able to vote, you need voting power, your voting power is calculated at the "snapshot" of the proposal. The snapshot is the block number where the voting power matters, if you don't have any tokens at this block number, you will not have any voting power and won't be able to vote.’

To create your own vote, you’ll need 5k MILK2 in your wallet. You have to keep them till the end of the voting process, which you will launch the moment the offer is created on the voting page:

If you withdraw MILK2 and your balance is smaller than the required 5k at the end of the vote, the vote will be deactivated.

The platform doesn’t charge tokens for voting nor for the creation of the offer. It just checks your balance.

All decisions about the future development of SpaceSwap projects are made by the community.

NB! The system counts the MILK2 balance the moment a vote is created, triggering a snapshot. (MILK2 added after the snapshot won’t be counted).

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