This product allows you to multiply your APY by locking up your MILK2 tokens. The more coins you lock, the bigger interest you get.

The final farming multiplier depends on the number of coins locked and the duration of the staking term.

How to launch the SpaceSwap booster

1. Go to the ’booster’ page.

2. Choose your stake amount and stake period, then click on ‘Approve and Stake’.

3. You will be redirected to your wallet. Press ‘Confirm’ or view the full transaction details to change the fee.

Booster multiplier table

For instance, if Jenny locks up 1,000 MILK2 for 3 years, she will get the x1.3 farming multiplier. If Bob puts 10,000 MILK2 for 3 years, he will get the x2 multiplier.

NB! If you stake different amounts of money for different periods of time, the total multiplier during the staking period will be calculated as follows:

Amount = amount of all the staked money

Time lapse = time lapse chosen for the biggest amount


A user stakes 50k MILK2 for 3 years and 100k for 1 month.

The multiplier is calculated as follows:

  1. 50k + 100k= 150k We pay attention to the 100k figure. The time lapse is determined according to the biggest sum, which is 100k. Thus, the time lapse in this example is 1 month. That’s why the multiplier for these two sums corresponds to the multiplier for 100k for 1 month, which is x1.5.

  2. If a user locks the same amounts for different periods of time, the total multiplier will be calculated according to the longer period of time, e.g. if a user locks 1,000 MILK2 for 1 year and also for 3 years, then the total multiplier will be x1.3. The amount with the largest time interval is counted, which in this case is 3 years. And since 2k falls into the 1,000-9,999 range, the multiplier is x1.3.

NB! Multipliers are applied in accordance with a complicated formula that distributes tokens in the corresponding blockchain. As a result of its application, the system doesn’t think you have X tokens, it thinks you have X multiplied by the multiplier. This value is not reflected in the pool APY as it is dynamic. So what you see is the intermediate rate, which doesn’t take into account certain factors.

Don’t forget that the multiplier is applied only to pools on the corresponding blockchain. If you lock tokens in the BSC Booster, the multiplier will be applied solely to the pools on Interstellar BSC. If you lock them on Ethereum, then it will be applied to the Ethereum pools accordingly.

Pay attention: as soon as you stake a certain sum, you won’t be able to take it back until your chosen lock term expires. That’s why it is important to check everything thoroughly before locking your MILK2 in the Booster.

And don’t forget that users who hold MILK2 receive many additional bonuses, including the chance to:

  • Vote in governance polls and decide on new features

  • Create governance proposals

  • Invest in new DeFi projects via SpaceSwap Starter (DEX pools for crowd-funding)

  • Participate in NFT collection campaigns

  • Get access to a SpaceSwap multiplication platform

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