SpaceSwap Interstellar & Shadow Farming
SpaceSwap Interstellar ( works on the basis of the Shadow Farming technology. With its help and the use of LP tokens, you can earn MILK2 rewards for farming.
โ€ŒShadow Farming
This is a revolutionary way to stake LP tokens.
โ€ŒShadow Farming has the following advantages:
    Ultimate safety. Users donโ€™t have to move their tokens from a MetaMask wallet, so their savings cannot be stolen, even if the SpaceSwap platform is hacked.
    No extra Gas fees to be paid. Users donโ€™t need to remove their liquidity from Uniswap pools and move them to SpaceSwap, which means no extra steps or commissions involved. That saves users Ether.
    Itโ€™s fast. The setup process for Shadow Farming in SpaceSwap takes just a couple of minutes. When a user connects their browser wallet and confirms the farming, all pools are connected automatically.
Shadow Farming is possible on both the Ethereum and Binance blockchains.
NB! Ethereum pools are for Uniswap LPs. BSC pools are based on PancakeSwap LPs.
โ€ŒOnce users provide their LP tokens, they start to farm MILK2 tokens.
As an LP, it is important to understand that you may be exposed to "Impermanent Loss" when providing liquidity. Users enter into farms of their choice. When farming, users receive a new distribution of MILK2 with each block.

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