SpaceSwap Interstellar

A Yield Farming platform.

SpaceSwap Interstellar ( allows liquidity providers to add LP tokens to the Milky Planets (farming pools).

Shadow Farming is possible both on Ethereum and Binance Blockchains.

Once users provide their LP tokens, they start to farm MILK2 tokens.

As an LP, it is important to understand that you may be exposed to "Impermanent Loss" when providing liquidity. Users enter into farms of their choice. When farming, users receive a new distribution of MILK2 with each block. It is not a fixed return, it is not a promised return, it is not financial advice - it is based on ETH returns.

SpaceSwap v2 Yield Farming (Interstellar)

I. How does it work?

Yield Farming is responsible for LP tokens listing. These projects are re-elected according to the rules of the Galaxy voting process. Our main target is new promising projects.

We help DeFi project newcomers to build up their community and provide it with incentives for adding liquidity to Uniswap pools, holding and buying their tokens.

It's not simple to get listed on our platform. However, it is accessible to high quality, promising projects that the community is ready to vote for. We provide regular interchangeability of the projects through the voting system, giving a chance to all worthy candidates.

II. Why do we need Interstellar?

Users come to us to get free tokens and we enlarge our base, as well as increase our volume of trading liquidity, MILK2 and SHAKE coins. Moreover, we focus on users' attention on other projects that are about to be launched within the SpaceSwap ecosystem.

How to get your pool listed on SpaceSwap:

1. Burn the Launchpad fee in MILK2 coins (coins will be burnt automatically). Please note that MILK coins are NOT accepted.

2. Have your pool introduced in the SPACEGROUND test area. Please note that this does not guarantee official listing - the community will decide upon the fate of your pool.

3. Let users try it and if they vote to include it, your pool will be officially listed in the Milky Planets lineup.