SpaceSwap Galaxy

A voting system.

โ€‹Galaxy is the voting system implemented in the SpaceSwap ecosystem. The project team states that itโ€™s always up to the users to decide which pools theyโ€™d like to see in the lineup.

This helps to raise the level of transparency within the platform and encourages new and promising projects to put their pools to the vote.

How the system works:

  • After the generation of every 100,000 blocks, weโ€™ll launch a vote on which pools to include or remove. Every MILK2 holder can participate in the vote.

  • The power of each holder's vote is correlated to the number of coins they own.

  • Pools that receive more than 50% โ€˜FORโ€™ votes will be listed.

All in all, if a pool doesn't pass a vote, it can always make improvements within the system and put it to a vote again, after the generation of the next 200,000 blocks. This provides greater motivation for forward-looking projects. How to become the next Big Bang in the SpaceSwap universe

The SpaceSwap project has already stated that each partner of the project has the chance to get their pool listed. It is essential for us to ensure that all the rules are clear and transparent. To put a pool to a vote, each partner has to:

  • Pay the listing fee of 3,000 MILK2 coins (coins will be burnt automatically).

  • Have the pool put to a vote in the SpaceSwap Galaxy system. Please note that this does not guarantee an official listing - the community will decide upon the fate of each pool.

  • Let users try it out and if they vote โ€˜FORโ€™ it, the pool will be officially listed as one of the 9 elected Milky Planets.

The SpaceSwap team is excited about the launch of the Galaxy voting system and considers it to be the cornerstone of a future, transparent DeFi universe. It is a great chance for all projects to promote their coins as well as to offer users the opportunity to test the pools and find the best APY rates.