SpaceSwap Booster

This product allows you to multiply your APY by locking up your MILK2 tokens. The more coins you lock, the bigger interest you get.

Your final farming APY also depends on the number of coins locked and the duration of the staking term.

How to launch the SpaceSwap booster

1. Go to the ’booster’ page. 2. Choose your stake amount and stake period, then click on ‘Approve and Stake’. 3. You will be redirected to your wallet. Press ‘Confirm’ or view the full transaction details to change the fee.

Booster multiplier tablet

E.g. If Jenny locks up 1000 MILK2 for 3 years, she will get x1,3 farming multiplier. If Bob puts 10000 MILK2 for 3 years, he will get x2 multiplier! And don’t forget that users who hold MILK2 get lots of additional bonuses, including:

  • Voting in governance polls and deciding on new features

  • Creating governance proposals

  • Investing in new DeFi projects via SpaceSwap Starter (DEX pools for crowd-funding)

  • Participating in NFT collection campaigns

  • Playing an important role in Shadow Synthetic Assets

  • Having access to a SpaceSwap multiplication platform