NFT Stars

2021 is marked by the rapid development of the digital collectible market. The NFT sector has reached all-time high sales of up to $6.6 million per piece. Artists and even musicians have gone digital so that they can share their art in a unique way. SpaceSwap wants to support these new creators! We're about to launch a platform that will give a voice to artists and help them stay true to themselves.

The Concept of SpaceSwap NFT STARS

NFT STARS is not your average NFT marketplace where works of art get lost among thousands of other published pieces, just for the sake of creating NFTs or joining the hype. We aim to build a platform and a community that will honor a person’s talent and creativity. How the NFT STARS interface may look. It's not the final version of the platform. Every creator present on NFT STARS will be hand-picked by our team, the criteria will be shared later. The SpaceSwap team will help the artists create their NFT collection and will assist them in its promotion. Each artist will have their own page featuring all their work, their vision and a biography (if they want it included). We also plan to incorporate gamification mechanics to create a space where artists can collaborate and interact with each other - a space where ideas flow freely. The biggest portion of the sale proceeds will go to the artists. The rest will be divided between the team and advisors who help artists boost sales and promote the works. The rest will be used to support MILK2 price: provide liquidity and buy out tokens. How the NFT STARS interface may look. It's not the final version of the platform.

What About SpaceSwap NFTs?

NFT STARS will be a part of the SpaceSwap ecosystem but will be fully autonomous. Meanwhile, our team will continue to work on its NFT collections and issue new partner cards to unlock tools for farming more MILK, like our super NFT token “Celestial Partnership”.