Governance is where all the voting takes place.

All decisions about the future development of SpaceSwap projects are made by the community.

The idea here is to help raise the level of transparency within the platform and encourage new, promising projects to put their pools to the vote.

Hereโ€™s how the system works:

  • After the generation of every 100,000 blocks, a vote is launched so that users can vote for the pools they wish to keep (pools that donโ€™t receive enough votes are deleted). Each MILK2 holder can participate in the vote.

  • The power of their vote is correlated to the number of coins they own.

  • Pools that receive more than 50% โ€˜FORโ€™ votes will be listed.

  • Each pool may function for two election periods (200,000 blocks) which guarantees the changeability of the projects on the platform.

NB!The system counts the MILK2 balance at the moment of voting snapshot creation (adding MILK2 after the snapshot was created doesn't count).